Frankenstein Costumes

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 Frankenstein CostumeI saw with my eyes shut.
What did I see?
I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts.
And right beside him I saw it kneeling.

The thing he had just put together.

I saw a hideous phantasm of a man stretched out.

And on the working of some powerful engine a stir with uneasy motion.

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Ok now we retread back to our laboratory.

! He cried.
It is alive!
Yes congratulation doctor Victor.

And yes of course he is alive and still kicking you have just stitched together another great Halloween Frankenstein Monster .

And its come to our attention that the monster is back and is ready for another scary year.

Yes that is right we want to make it a classic monsters Frankenstein costume Halloween party year!

Because this is the year those classic horror monsters come out to play once again.

This is your chance you join them once again.

So what better way is there to celebrate the classic monsters then with a classic Frankenstein costume.

And which we do guarantee will have you enjoying yourself in very much.

So for the Frankenstein costume monsters theme what exactly should you be wearing?

What things are you going to need to complete the look for this years party?

Well I am sure you will finding all your answers right here at

As we love Frankenstein all year round.frankenstein dog costume

So lets check out your problems says the good doctor.

So first your saying you need a costume to go to your party.

And whats that you say?

Your running out of ideas on what costumes you should wear?

Well the good doctor Victor as said don’t you dont need to fret any longer. Because we are here to help.

And seriously why not try a classic yet unique horror costume.
Yes that is right a classic Frankenstein monster costume.

You can make things super simple and easy with a Frankenstein mask.

Frankenstein may be a classic Halloween horror monster.
But because he is such the classic it means most people won’t even think about dressing up in a Frankenstein costume.

So luckily if you are the one wearing a Frankenstein costume people will immediately know who you are.

There isn’t much hard guessing what your dressed up as mostly they will be thinking to themselves, oh why didn’t I think of that!

And yes you can dress your children up also.

All kids boys, girls, teens your toddler and even your dog are welcome to dress up as Frankenstein.

Kinda makes for a perfect family theme dont you think?

So let me ask you a question.

Have you ever dressed up as something that people couldn’t really understand?

Dealing with the whole who you were trying to be?

It gives this feeling of being embarrassed
when asked.

What are you dressed up as exactly?

Well get a Frankenstein costume and all problems will be solved.

Yeah it’s that easy and you will surely be the life of the party.

So firstly with getting your costume you wont have one of those annoying costumes that you cant even walk with.

Yeah you know what I am talking about the ones you feel like your about to fall on your face if you arent careful enough.

Anyway so secondly you can get even more attention using makeup.

A Frankenstein costume is so easy.

Simply go with green or white.

Being green in color will defiantly make you get noticed.

This is compared to the always standard Halloween theme of lets use the black everywhere I can.

That’s always been flying around the party room right?

Frankenstein Costumes

Ok so heres whats so great about the Frankenstein costume.
It can be modified to make you feel comfortable as desired.

After you have purchased the costume look around
your house.

Look for other things you can add to the Frankenstein costume.

Ok maybe your looking abit confused.

Here is what I mean for example maybe you have a certain pair of shoes that may fit better.

Some shoes you own already maybe more comfortable with the costume then with what is already provided.

Or instead buy a different Frankenstein costume to fully customize yourself till you are comfortable.

I have mixed and matched old previous brought Frankenstein Halloween costumes with never ones.

Also for those who like to stand out being Frankenstein is easy for posing.

You can look mean or bigger and stronger by just wearing the Frankenstein costume with the most padding.

Its sure to get some attention and its ok your secret is safe with us.


Frankenstein is one of the most popular monsters of all time.
He is the creation of Dr.Viktor Von Frankenstein who used his extreme patch work to create.

He gathered pieces of a few dozen men to bring life into his experiment.

Due to the film the Frankenstein monster is more recognized from actor Borish Karloff in the 1931 film.

But if you dive deeper into the creation of Frankenstein you will learn it was actually author Marry Shelley that created him.
He was really created in her Gothic novel The modern Prometheus.

The Frankenstein costume can sometimes be really funny or frightening.

You pick the Halloween Frankenstein costume you want making that decision.

It’s your choice costumes can always be customized or other accessories can be found to make things even better.

This costume is not as common as your typical white sheet ghost or sexy ugly witch costumes.

That what everybody else seems to have at every other party.


Bride Of Frankenstein Costumes

Real life Frankenstein Information.

Many people believe it was all down to Hollywood for the birth of Frankenstein.

But this is totally wrong it wasn’t some movie that brought Frankenstein to life.

Nope it was a writer called Mary Shelly.

And can you believe this happened more then a century before the actor Boris Karloff even put on any makeup.

Yeah thats right before he made Frankenstein appear on the big screen.

The birth mother of Frankenstein was really from a British artist who some would say is an intellectual of elite writing.

While she drew her story from her inspiration dreams the premises of nature she also got her writing done by studding a lot of the work from Europe’s top scientists and thinkers.

She was the daughter of William Godwin.
And he was a political novelist who introduced her to using her efforts as a writer.

In her original novel Mary Shelly was actually very silenced about how exactly Victor brought life to his creation the Frankenstein beast.

It was more described as days and nights of incredible labor.

When Percy’s wife Harriet died.
She was drowned in 1816.
And her rescuers took her body and used a number of methods to try and bring her back to life.

And yes they even including electricity.
But as you may have already guessed Harriet did not wake.

In the novel Victor abandons the creation he fathered in his laboratory.

While Dr Victor Frankenstein sleeps he as a terrible nightmare.
His fiancée ends up in his arms the decaying corpse of his own dead mother.

The next morning he wakes to quickly return to his lab of monstrous creations.

But only to understand that the monster he had created only the night before had indeed escaped!

Watch This Dramatic Heartbreaking Clip
Creator VS Frankenstein as they fight for who they love.






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